Tribeca Health & Fitness will close permanently

In the sucky news department: Tribeca Health & Fitness, the popular gym on Chambers owned by Allison and Fred Thompson, will not reopen. Allison wrote to say they are “trying to stay positive and hopeful,” but they have decided they cannot move forward. They are of course horribly sad for their staff and all the relationships they have made with members.

Several clients have already written me to say how disappointed they are as well. The pair had complementary backgrounds for the fitness business: hers was in anatomy and kinesthesiology and his in clinical chemistry.

“We have received such an outpouring of love that it has boosted our spirits a little,” Allison wrote. “We want folks to know how heartbroken we are not to be able to reopen and that we are so grateful for all the support people have given us over the last 7 months as we tried so hard to make it work.”

This is yet another blow.

The Thompsons took over the 10,000-square-foot, three-level gym in 2017, but just a year later, were doing serious battle with their landlord. They persevered, but that plus the pandemic was too much.

Here’s the text from their Instagram post announcing the decision: “We are heartbroken to announce that we will not be reopening. The prolonged Covid closure, our ongoing legal fees and the cost of the required reopening standards have made it impossible for us. We tried every avenue we could to save the gym but ultimately Covid was more than we could bounce back from. We apologize for the lack of communication. Due to our ongoing legal battle with our landlord, we could not make a public announcement before now. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
THF was our dream and we are so grateful to all of you for being a part of it.
We will miss you.
With so much love and gratitude.
Allison and Frederick”