WEST LEBANON, N.H. (WCAX) – Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was in West Lebanon on Saturday making a final pitch to voters on behalf of Former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Massachusetts senator who lost to Biden in the primary election met with voters and talked about the need to tackle the pandemic and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

She also addressed the flow of political information through social media platforms and the need for regulation.

Right now, social media giants such as Facebook and Google are under the microscope for their role in spreading misinformation in elections.

Warren says it’s time to break up the big tech companies which she says are having a big influence on decision 2020.

“When a handful of giant companies control the flow of information and they determine what voters do an don’t hear, that’s not good for any part of America whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican,” Warren said. “I want to see us get more competition in the area and I don’t want to see dominance from just a handful of companies.”

Warren is also reportedly seeking a position inside Joe Biden’s cabinet as the Secretary of the Treasury if he’s elected.

In response to Senator Warren’s visit, RNC Spokesperson Nina McLaughlin said, “While President Trump is rebuilding the greatest economy in our nation’s history, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s failed economic policies promise to ruin it.”

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