Cumberland University’s Community Arts Council has announced the People’s Choice Award winners for the first annual Chalk it Up! Art Fest.

The winners, who received the most votes in their respective categories, are: Sophia Cook — Category 1 (Ages 12 and under); Cameron Bryan — Category 2 (Ages 13-18); Ashley Capps — Category 3 (Ages 19 & over); and Emmerson & Isabella Lafferty — Category 4 (Family or Team).

With over 500 votes cast, six chalk artists who received the most votes overall (not based on category) have been invited to compete in a Chalk Off competition on Saturday, Nov. 7. These artists are: Cameron Bryan, Ashley Capps, Team Emmerson & Isabella Lafferty, Team Isidora and Jorge Condeza, Team Wild Birds-Kymberlee Norman & Sam Moredo and Team D-Collin & Owen Davenport.

These artists will create chalk art in five area parking lots. The sites include: District Attorney’s Office, 119 S. College St.; Wilson County Election Commission, 203 E. Main St.; Cox’s Gifts and Jewelry, 230 W. Main St.; Sun Trust Bank, 240 W. Main St.; and THW Insurance, 321 W. Main St.

The public is invited to stroll between the sites and view the artists in action between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Attendees are asked to maintain social distancing and wear a mask so everyone can enjoy the artwork. Each site is marked with a yard sign for the Chalk It Up! Art Fest. With good weather, the art will remain at each site for several days. Come by and see the talent of our local artists.

This is the first annual Chalk It Up! Virtual Art Fest and the public was invited to create chalk art and post the work on social media with the hashtag #CUCACCHALK. People’s Choice winners and Chalk Off winners were selected from the tally of votes received.

Sponsors for the event include Cumberland University Community Arts Council, Historic Lebanon, World Classic Martial Arts, THW Insurance, the Capitol Theatre and the Fite-Fessenden House.

The Cumberland University Community Arts Council (CUCAC) was established in 2020 to cultivate an appreciation and support of the arts for the entertainment and enrichment of the community through accessibility, education, and participation. The organization has a vision to establish Wilson County as a premier arts community in Middle Tennessee.