Gleeden, a “marital affairs” dating site for women, reported that registration by Israeli women has increased by 250% since the beginning of coronavirus lockdowns. According to the site, of these new users, 41% are looking for a chance at “breaking free from their 24/7 cohabitation with their husbands.”Gleeden conducted a survey among registered users of the site and found that six out of 10 female Israeli site users “fantasize regularly about making love to someone who’s not their husbands.” This is an increase from the 32% of women that had similar thoughts pre-coronavirus, according to Gleeden. The site also says that eight of 10 Israeli women consider this type of fantasy “mental infidelity.” For 92% of women, the man that they were thinking about was someone that they know, with 29% thinking about colleagues, 24% about a friend or acquaintance and 29% thinking about an ex.The survey was conducted among 1,000 female Israeli users, most of whom were from the Tel Aviv, Haifa and the Ramat Gan area.Gleeden is a dating site dedicated to married people or those in a relationship who want to have an affair. The site is managed entirely by women and for women.